Student Password Reset Request

Please follow the LINK to request a password reset.

‚ÄčIn order to ensure students are successfully able to log into their district provided resources such as Moodle, Google and student devices (active directory), we have modified the default password for students that have NOT logged into their account for the last 7 days by setting their password to the following format:

Firstname initial (caps) + Lastname initial (caps) + student id - so a student named John Doe with student ID 1234567 would have a password of JD1234567

Their Moodle login would be john.doe password JD1234567

Their Google login would be password JD1234567

Their device (active directory) login would be student\john.doe password JD1234567 or password JD1234567 (either of these should work)

Students that have logged in and or changed their password in the last 7 days have not had their passwords modified as they have already successfully logged into their account.

Additionally, any new students will have their password automatically set to the same format.