Counselor contact information:

Shana Jackson, Lead - last names A-Bri
Marcela Southerland - last names Bro-Fl
Patricia Porter Fo-Jon

Abby Scanlon - last names Jor-M
Michelle Arnold - last names N-Sha
Rebecca Kelley - last names She-Z

Noel Wilson LCSW-S 
Intervention Counselor
817- 698-7327

Taylor Cameron MS, LPC, NCC
Truancy Intervention Counselor

Habiba Lalani
College & Career Facilitator 

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Please contact our Registrars.

Laura Marrs ( A-K) 817-698-7310

Brandi Day(L-Z) 817-698-5098

Main Counseling number: 817-698-7304

                                  Eaton Counseling Mission Statement

The Mission of the Eaton High School Counseling program is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program which encourages the highest level of student achievement. Through a caring and engaging environment, school counselors foster academic, career and personal/social growth to reach all students within our diverse population. Collaborating with teachers, parents and community, the school counselors help all students to be successful lifelong learners in a global society.