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Exam Schedule

Remember your exam schedule is different from 9th-11th grade!



Senior Walks to Former Elementary School, May 21

Don’t forget your gown for this event!  Your permission slip MUST be turned in to Mrs. Prevett in order to participate in the walks.

Please report in the PAC at 8:40 am  



Eaton Senior Emerald Awards Assembly, May 22        

Dress up—No Cap and Gown on this day (Last year we did. This year is different)

Sunday Best within Dress Code. (Length of dresses, jumpers must be within dress code).

Please report in the PAC at 8:40 am




Eaton Senior Picnic, May 22 (after the Emerald Awards)

Seniors can wear athletic temp shorts to this event. Transportation is provided and ALL seniors must ride the bus to and from.  Each senior will receive a coupon to use at one of the 3 food trucks available.  Additional money is recommended.

We will have games and activities for the seniors along with 3 food trucks for lunch.  We will be back at EHS by 3:30 pm


Complete End of Year Survey and Request Final Transcript, May 24

Counselors will be in your English 4 class to walk you through the NISD survey in Naviance . All students must complete the survey and tell us where to send your final transcript. Transcripts will be sent out once grades are finalized and final gpa/rank are ran.

*You will need your Chromebooks!


Eaton Senior Sunset BBQ, May 28

(BYOD !~ Bring your own Drinks)

We will be serving Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and sweets starting at 7:30 pm on the EHS practice fields.  We will eat, socialize and take a LARGE class photo at sunset!

Please bring the following items based on your last name.

A- G ~ Chips

H- M ~ Fruits and Veggies

N- Z ~ Desserts


Graduation Practice, May 31st

Friday, May 31st after senior breakfast!  Please report in the Student Union at 8:40 AM

We will practice lining up and reviewing how we walk in. You will have an idea of where you will be sitting so you can tell your parents to find seats on the left or right!!

We will review everything you need to know for graduation!



Graduation: Mrs. Miles will review all this at Graduation Practice

Here is some info I need you to know as you plan for the graduation ceremony!

At the University of North Texas / June 3, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

Students must arrive at 8:30 AM to line up. Late arrivals may not get to walk.

Guests do not need tickets to attend graduation.

What to wear:

Gentlemen –slacks, dark colors are preferred (no blue jeans), dark shoes, a light colored shirt with a collar, and a tie, NO tennis shoes or flip flops.

Ladies – a dress that complies with NISD dress code (dark colors are usually best) or, if wearing slacks, dark color is preferred, flat or low-heel shoes, NO tennis shoes or flip flops

GRADUATES MUST WEAR regalia TO PARTICIPATE:  – Graduation gown, cap, tassel, honor cords if you have, and stoles in order to walk.

Where to go & What NOT to bring:

  • Line up at the WEST tunnel entrance at 8:30 AM.

  • Carry your cap and gown—No hangers, you must carry your cap, gown, tassel, and stole to the holding area.

  • Students may not decorate the tops of the graduation caps.  They are to remain in original, new condition. “This ceremony is the most important activity we have during the school year, and we have to make sure that nothing takes away from that experience.”

  • Do Not Bring: Cameras, Cell phones, Hangers, Purses, etc.. You will be asked to take them to your parents or put them in your car, thus losing your place in line. After the ceremony is over, you will not be able to go back into hallway where we lined up.  Therefore, do not bring items in and expect a staff member or administrator to watch or hold it for you. (You may put keys in pocket but please don’t lose them). You will not return to this room after the ceremony concludes. Please leave all personal belongings with a family member

  • You will go through a metal detector before entering the holding room. When you are in the holding room, you will receive a card with your name and seating number on it. Please, do not misplace this card. This is the reading card that you will hand to the announcer.

  • .  

Important Info for Your Guests:

  • No air horns, beach balls, laser pointers, or the like will be permitted.

  • Seats are on a first come basis.

  • Please ask your guests to silence all phones as well.

Reminder about Expectations:

  • Graduation is a serious, significant event in our students’ lives. All graduates deserve to celebrate their graduation with pride and dignity. Students who choose to deprive their classmates of this honor will be removed from the ceremony, no questions asked. You only graduate from high school once, so let’s make it a special time for everyone.



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